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Our Mission

FSCM – Science Discoveries, Commercialization and Management is a Venture Acceleration platform, spun off from FHH Ventures. FSCM works in Food-Bio-Tech for Disease Prevention and Blockchain for Health Equity, where we offer our Venture Acceleration Training Program and Venture Build-as-a-Service Program for those startups who share the same Mission.  

Our Mission is to improve Consumer Health and prevent Diseases. 

Thomas A. Edison has said – “The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease”. The care for human health is shifting from disease management toward addressing the root causes and respective solutions for disease prevention. The Covid-19 pandemic has proved it all.

After experiencing lots of challenges in incubating and commercializing science-based businesses with health focus, we have developed our proprietary Venture Build & Commercialization techniques and processes to sustain better chance of success. 

We offer our know-how to assist scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators, and corporate organizations, who want to hold hands with us in this extremely important Mission.

What is our "Secret Sauce" ?

Our “Secret Sauce” consists of three must-have components: AI Prediction, Financial Strategies and Lean Operations

AI Prediction

We use our in-house AI technologies to capture consumer behaviors and trends. Using our proprietary technology, we listen to consumer complaints to identify consumer pain point and problems. Based on collected data, we analyze, predict upcoming trends, assess possible solutions and from the results, we incubate and develop the most viable product option. We use data analysis to set optimal pricing strategy for  market penetration to achieve higher probability of commercialization success.

Financial Strategies

Designing right financial strategies is the key in any venture building success. As for us, we always maintain three components. First, our De-risking Strategy helps prepare for any uncertain risks. Second, our Value Creation Strategy helps optimize cost while maximizing business value to create  better economies of scale. Last but not least, our Fundraising Strategy helps design a suitable financing option with minimum effect to equity structure. As a result, we can minimize potential losses while attaining higher valuation.

Lean Operations

We employ the Human-Centric Design Thinking and Lean Startup Methodology in structuring  the operations. With our specialized knowledge in venture building, finance and  investment, we focus on optimizing venture operations to achieve economies of scale. We maintain lean operations, including managing costs, increasing client bases, bootstrapping revenue, and performing continuously monitoring across the portfolio.

Our Services

We offer two Programs: Venture Acceleration Training Program and Venture-Build-as-a-Service Program, which are customized to Health Tech focused startups.

Venture Acceleration Training Program

To avoid any misstep, save money and save time, we offer you our three Signature Tracks to build your Venture from 0 to 1.

Launch Module – We offer our Standard 5-step process below to launch your MVP. 

  1. Exploration.
  2. Customer Discoveries. 
  3. Validation. 
  4. Prototyping. 
  5. Launch the MVP.

Commercialization Module – We offer our Signature 7-step processes below to bring your MVP to the Market successfully.

  1. Establish Founder-Market Fit with 3P Strategy: Personal Credibility – Perception of the Market – Personal Influence on the Market.
  2. Establish Product-Market Fit with 5P Strategy: Product – Price – Promotion – Place – People.
  3. Establish Product-Solution Fit with 3S Strategy: Solution – Survival – Scalability.
  4. Establish Story-to-Scale with 3R Strategy: Redesign – Refine – Replicate.
  5. Establish Distribution Local-to-Global Strategy: Marketing channels, Sales Funnels, Global Scalability with Licensing & Franchising.
  6. Establish Customer-Centric Success Strategy: Founder-led Sales & Customer-centric After-Sales. 
  7. Establish Continuous Monitoring Strategy: Collect Feedback, Analyze, Perform Testing, Refine and Apply (CAPRA).

Growth & Financing Module – We offer our Customized Financing roadmap and Fundraising strategies in tandem with Distribution strategies for Growth. 

  1. Understand Exit goal: define and quantify essential criteria to achieve the goal.
  2. Map the Financing Roadmap: Fundraising versus Exit goal, Financing versus Equity Structure, Competitive landscape versus Unfair advantages.
  3. Design Distribution strategies with Revenue targets and different Financing tactics, including Pre-Sales Product-Financing Fit, Inventory-Financing Fit, Revenue-Financing Fit, and Loyalty-Financing Fit.
  4. Design Fundraising strategies with Exit goal with different Financing tactics to effectively manage Equity Dilution.
  5. Arrange suitable Financing and Continuous Monitoring to meet the Goal. 

Venture-Build-as-a-Service Program (VBaaS)

We apply our “Secret Sauce” in three key phases: Science Discoveries – Commercialization – Management to achieve the optimal result.

Science Discoveries

We work with researchers, scientists, and faculties at universities and research centers to help bring important scientific discoveries, researches and innovations in human health area to marketplace. From ideation stage, we help founders design projects to align to industry interests and set it up for success. We also introduce science discoveries to industry experts to get feedbacks and validation for  Prototype. In the last stage of Incubation, we help founders to launch their Minimum Viable Product which is ready for Commercialization.


We equip founders with our Know-how to take their startup off the ground, or strategically expand on a global scale. Our high rate of commercialization success is the combination of our proprietary AI-Prediction and specialized Financial Strategies to ensure Product-Solution Fit, Product-Market Fit, and implementing De-Risking and Value Creation. We help founders work on financing options to optimize their end goal. As a result, founders can maintain their optimal equity structure while achieving higher commercialization success.


“Entrepreneurship is Management”, we employ the Lean Startup Methodology by Steve Blank in our management process. At any level of work, we ensure lean and consistent management processes with guidance, policies and procedures. We recommend Continuous Monitoring as part of management processes to identify arisen problems quickly and respond with respective possible solutions as soon as possible. Lean and consistent management processes are the Key to sustain business growth.

Scope of Work

We assist science innovations which aim to improve human health and reduce or prevent diseases. We support Technology innovations to accelerate the Commercialization process and help close the gap between Science and Consumers. 

Two Verticals in our Scope are: Food-Bio-Tech for Disease Prevention and Blockchain for Health Equity.

Food-Bio-Tech for Disease Prevention

Fiber Prebiotics,
Gut & Digestive Health

“The road to health is paved with good intestines!” Sherry A. Rogers. Gut health is our focused area. Prebiotics help increase friendly bacteria in the gut, help with various digestive problems, and even boost your immune system. Prebiotic foods have also been shown to improve metabolic health and even help prevent certain diseases.

Based on scientific discoveries and researches, our product development experts use fiber prebiotics to enhance nutrition and health value of our food products. We have incubated and successfully commercialized a number of food ventures in Gut Health area and have taken them to franchising or exit. 

Gut & Biodefense

Nobel prize winner and microbiologist Elie Metchnikoff once said, “Death begins in the colon.” According to Nutritional Immunology and Molecular Medicine Laboratory, the gut ecosystem includes trillions of interactions between host epithelial and immune cells,  and microbes is a massively and dynamically interacting network.

We assist Biotech ventures to develop models of gut immune system to predict and solve emerging infectious diseases and biodefense challenges, including Covid-19. The innovations could be diagnostics, precision nutrition, immunotherapy, to prevent, treat or mitigate diseases.

Plant-based Protein, Upcyling & Carbon map

Agriculture and Food choices impact human and planetary health. Globally, livestock emits 14.5% of greenhouse gases, and plant-based proteins are growing trends. Food upcycling initiatives are exploring opportunities to use crop and algae produce and products, that were to be thrown away, to extract maximum protein and nutrients. 

We work with agricultural technologist and food scientists to identify Upcycling projects which have potentials for Commercialization. For example, upcycled cashew fruits are used as protein in nutrition therapy. Upcycling will help reduce food waste,  carbon emission, and make our food  system more sustainable. 

Blockchain for Health Equity

Food Trust,
Track & Traceability

“People want to know, quite rightly, where ingredients they give to their baby have come from. We wanted a product in which trust meant something.” – Chris Tyas, Global Head of Supply Chain, Nestle. 

We support technology solutions in Supply Chain which aim to improve transparency and efficiency, minimize food waste, increase food safety, enhance brand’s reputation and ultimately bring the peace of mind to Consumers.

Cost & Credibility

“Imagine if insulin was collectively owned and governed by diabetics — how would they price the drug, access it and how would information be shared within that community” – Golato whose background is biology research.

We support Web3 technologies which reshape how funding for research can be crowdfunded and decentralized in terms of ownership, and encourage pharmaceutical companies along with general public investing into these research projects to reduce drug costs

NFTs Membership,
Loyalty & Community

A brand cannot sustain and grow on the market if it lacks of consumer awareness and loyalty. Web3 technology has begun its revolution to change the way Brands and Consumers digitally interact.  

We support new technology solutions in NFTs and the Metaverse which explore how NFTs can empower Brands to incentivize and reward for Web3 & NFT enthusiasts. We particularly love to work with those solutions supporting for WomeninWeb3 movement.


New York is the world’s Center of Science, Innovations and Technology, whereas Asia Pacific is the world’s largest Agricultural Manufacturing region. This is the main reason why we focus on building the connectivity between New York and Asia-Pacific. 

New York

Our focus in New York is Food-Bio-Tech & Fintech-in-Web3. We are Industry Affiliate and Partner of a number of U.S. educational institutions. We also offer Teaching assistance,  Mentorship, Panel discussion, Startup Pitching Competition to support startups communities.  Just to name a few, New York State Biodefense Commercialization Fund, Tech Incubator at Queens College, Queens Economic Development Corporation, Female Founders Initiative, Columbia Venture Community.

For Startups joining our Cohorts:

For Startups using our Venture Building as-a-Service:

Asia Pacific

Our focus in APAC is Solar for Farmers & Agri-Food-Tech. We mainly work in Vietnam and Japan, where we have major stakes and networks in ingredient resources, including farms, processing factories and suppliers. See F-Care Asia for details.

To support innovations, we provide Acceleration program with Technology Transfer and Green Financing for Startups in Solar-Agri-Food-Tech. See FHH Japan for details.

For Startups joining our Cohorts:

Network & Resources

To avoid any costly mistakes, use our real-life ventures to simulate, experiment and practice your skills, especially in Marketing, Sales & Distribution.

FHH Ventures is the venture studio who invested and incubated FSCM Venture Acceleration Platform. FHH provides an AI tool to capture consumer complaints on their health issues, and predict behaviors and trends to identify possible products which could be commercialized. This process will help you gain better success in Product-Solution Fit and Product-Market Fit, as a result, reduce potential failures. 

Friends for Impact (FFI) is a 501c3 Not-for-profit organization, based in New York. FFI provides fundraising support and Lab-to-Market Incubation Training for researchers, faculty or entrepreneurs, who are passionate about public health and committed to bring their science discoveries to life. FFI establishes the $1 Million Seed Fund and the Fellowships to support for Academic, Female & Underserved Founders.

Tech Incubator at Queens College (TIQC), is supported by the New York City Council as a startup incubator for entrepreneurs. TIQC aims to help startup companies and entrepreneurs to build successful tech-enabled companies, which in turn creates more job opportunities and drives innovation and technology development. 

FCC Supply provides Plant-based, Natural and Organic food ingredients and agricultural products from our reliable partners, who are affiliated or partnered farms and factories. Our partnered farms use microbial and Japanese non-chemical farming techniques. Our partnered processing factories always maintain Good Manufacturing Practices, high quality of Food Sanitary and Safety, high Ethics & Environmental Protection. 

Meiji is the top food manufacturer in Japan. Meiji is one of our main Food Suppliers & Manufacturers who provide premium Food Ingredients to our portfolio startups in Food and Food Tech.

Nestle is the top food manufacturer globally. Nestle has been one of our long time Food Suppliers & Manufacturers who provide premium Food Ingredients for our portfolio startups in Food and Food Tech.

Great and Grand Holding (G&G) is the top 10 Wholesaler and Private Label Developer in the Drugstore industry in Japan, with 160 food-bio-drug factories in the network. G&G has been our long time Food Supplier and Manufacturer to provide premium Japanese food and bio ingredients and products for our portfolio startups in both Food and Biotech area.

Health Lead is one of top heath focused food and functional food brands which has been in Japan market for the last 30 years. Health Lead has been one of our long time food ingredient providers for our incubated startups.

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is a non-profit that is building a better path for entrepreneurs worldwide. We support Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center to achieve UN SDGs in Good Health and Well-being, Reduce Inequalities and Partnerships for the Goals.

Concern about Exit Strategy?

If you build your business with the Exit Goal in mind, contact us so we will scan through your business plan before you start to identify potential failures.

FFHH Advisory, a service of FHH Ventures, will provide you a number of optional Exit roadmaps, which are suitable with your business model and products and your Exit goal. The Exit plan will go in tandem with Fundraising approach and different options, such as Third-party licensing, Micro acquisition, Private Equity, or fundraising through Crowdfunding, Syndicate, SPV, Angels and VCs, Equity Offerings, or Mini IPO.

Concern about Initial Money to start?

If you have a good idea but you lack of funds to start, and if you are academic, or underserved entrepreneur, we recommend you to contact us at We will work with you on your fundraising options via Friends for Impact, our 501(c)3 public charity organization.

Friends for Impact (FFI) is a 501c3 Not-for-profit organization, based in New York. FFI provides fundraising support and Lab-to-Market Incubation Training for researchers, faculty or entrepreneurs, who are passionate about public health and committed to bring their science discoveries to life. FFI establishes the $1 Million Seed Fund and the Fellowships to support for Academic, Female & Underserved Founders.

Want to discuss? We are here to help.

  • If you are working in Food Tech or Biotech, or using Web3 Technology to accelerate the Commercialization in these fields?
  • If your location is in New York or Asia Pacific?
  • If you want to avoid costly mistakes, save time and save money?
  • If you want to leverage our proven and structured Commercialization methodology, our Real-life Business Simulations, our Ecosystem and Available Resources to build and accelerate your business?

Then, look no further. We love to hear from you.  

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